Tuesday, 29 October 2013

#FILLER - The Anti Heroes

Somewhere in one of my earlier posts I talked about a character created by Mark Lawrence for his Broken Empire series - Honorous Jorg Ancrath.

I finished watching the sequel to Code Geass, not realizing that I had already watched it (the mind works in mysterious ways). It struck me, at the end, that these two unconventional villain-heroes, Lelouch Lamperouge and Jorg Ancrath, are actually similar. Although the journey may be a bit different, in that one continued his dual-persona and the other just barged on with his title, the ending was the same.

This whole idea of self-sacrifice is a lot different from the theme of self-sacrifice in Terry Brooks's Shannara series. Though maybe there was that one portion where the bad guy who then became good ended up sacrificing himself but that's a small percentage compared to the whole series.

Code Geass came out way earlier than the Broken Empire series and I doubt Mark Lawrence would have watched it and based Jorg's character similar to that of Lelouch. Still cried at the end and I still think it was a brilliant anime and book. It's one of those fantasy fiction where the plot really has you gripping and the character development and evolvement has you hooked to it as well.

If I were to start a novel now, I know somehow I'd end up with the idea of an anti-hero. But whether or not he or she would be successful and diabolical as either Lelouch or Jorg remains to be seen. Wouldn't be surprised if there was an increase of the anti-hero type of lead in upcoming books (though I guess those vampire-centric books are trying to take on that angle but failing quite horribly with all the unnecessary embellished romanticism).


  1. Lelouch of the rebellion is quite fresh in my mind..so I couldn't discard the similarities between the characters and the story from what it seems in the beginning. I actually googled to see if I am the only one in the club , and that's how I landed here.
    I dropped the book after reading a bit. Maybe I will pick it up once I forget Lelouch or if I suffer from amnesia sometime in near future. :)
    And best of luck for the novel about Anti heroes.
    Tip: Anti heroes dying is no fun...pull out a blinder...

    1. Thanks for the comment :)

      I'm planning on not killing off my anti-hero (should I ever decide to write that novel).

      What was the reason you dropped reading the book? I know some parts can be a bit draggy/wordy, I speed read through that. The general story and theme though was still compelling.